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Zambia is one of the African countries hardest hit by HIV/AIDS. About 19 percent of children under 18, or 1.1 million, are orphans, most of them due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. About 70 percent of the population earns less than US$1 per day, so families, communities and schools are overstretched in their efforts to care for children. Many households are now headed by children as young as eleven who are forced to forego the education they need to prepare for a harsh economic environment as they struggle to care for their younger siblings.

In response to this crisis, Zambia Orphans of AIDS (ZOA) was formed by concerned Zambians and now has members from across the world. It is registered in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Zambia.

The projects ZOA supports use the funds to develop income-generating activities, provide skills training, and tend to the nutritional, educational and medical needs of the children. In all, about 8000 orphans are reached and assisted through ZOA’s efforts.

Zambia Orphans of AIDS touches close to 8000 children.
Since its launch in 2007, Zambia Orphans of AIDS UK now supports eleven projects.
Zambia Orphans of AIDS Zambia holds a very successful first fund-raising event in Lusaka.
Zambia Orphans of AIDS US partners with The Dulles Airport Rotary Club, Dulles, VA, which successfully obtained a grant to support two ZOA projects.
The World Bank Community Connections includes ZOA among the NGOs and PVOs for which it raises money.
Through St. Peter Claver Society for African Orphans and tithing, St. John the Beloved Catholic Church, McLean, Virginia, raises funds for ZOA on a continuous basis.
The International Monetary Fund’s Helping Hands continue to support ZOA.
Former Zambia Orphans of AIDS US Board members, Donna Edmondson and Sue Low and their spouses, continue to support Zambia Orphans of AIDS US with their generous donations each year.
In 2009, 10% (1.2 Million) of Zambia's population are orphans.
78% of orphans in Zambia were orphaned by AIDS.
Just 13% of orphans and vulnerable children receive free basic external support (UNAIDS Report, July 2008).
AIDS is the most serious threat to the development agenda in Zambia.

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